1. Is natural coconut water used in Coco Vodka.

Yes unlike other vodka drinks on the market we do use real coconut water from the Philippines. Each Coco Vodka contains coconut water mixed with premium triple distilled vodka for a refreshing, natural and high quality taste.


2. How much sugar is in a Coco Vodka?

The sugar content p. 100ml of Coco Vodka is 6g or less making it one of the lowest sugar pre-mixed drinks available. We know the importance of a low sugar diet and kept this in mind when developing Coco Vodka for you - all sugar is naturally derived from the coconut water, and a touch of stevia is added. 


3. Are your flavouring artificial for Guava and Pineapple?

No we only use natural flavouring.


4. Can I buy Coco Vodka online?

If you live in Australia and are aged 18+ you can purchase Coco Vodka online.  If you are from another country stay tuned, we are going global quickly so you too can get your hands on our refreshing cans of Coco Vodka.


5.  I'm from Australia, how long does shipping take from when I order?

We use a very high quality fulfillment centre to process our online orders to ensure you get the best online ordering experience with us as possible.  When your order is placed it is then packed and shipped with Australia post registered shipping within 24 business hours.  You will receive a tracking link so you can watch the parcel during transit.  Typically it takes 2-4 business days but this can vary a tiny bit depending on your location (i.e some rural destinations can take a day or so longer). 


6.  How much does Coco Vodka cost?

A 4 pack of Coco Vodka is $17.95 ($4.48 a can) and a slab of 24 cans is $90 ($3.75 a can).  We are very happy to be able to bring you a beverage with such high quality ingredients for this price. 


7.  I want to stock Coco Vodka in my bar/restaurant/bottle shop - Who do I contact?

Please contact sales@cocovodka.com.au.  Alternatively you can order through our distributors Paramount, ALM or SIL.